Better Choices, Bigger Success

How to say YES to the right things and grow your business

In this free workshop, you’ll discover simple choices that will make running your business easier, with less time and more fulfillment. 


If you’re busy doing All The Things in your business but not getting the results you want, it’s time to take a good look at your strategy.

What does strategy have to do with choices?

Strategy IS your choices.

Your strategy is all of the choices and decisions you make every single day

Every Yes & No has an impact on your results. Having a strategic plan sets you up for success and allows you to know exactly how you'll respond when it's decision time. 

When you make better choices, you're more likely to hit your goals.

Which means bigger wins for you! 

This LIVE virtual event is for business owners who are ready to make their business better than ever in 2022.

 During this FREE live workshop you'll:

  • Learn the key components of a clear & powerful strategy.
  • Understand how to make choices confidently and consistently.
  • Connect with some surprising truths that will change how you show up as a business owner.
  • PLUS I'll host spotlight seats to review YOUR personal challenges so you know where to invest your efforts. 

This is a LIVE event that won’t be recorded.

I promise you’ll get much more out of this than watching the recording later (and let’s be honest: how often do we really get around to watching the recording later?) 

This LIVE event is on 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 4PM Eastern Time

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I knew I needed some accountability in getting some projects completed and Lisa gave me the space and structure to make it happen. I also gained valuable insight about how to better prioritize and deal with the challenges that can often trip me up in seeing things to completion. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone wanting support and accountability in making things happen in your work or life!


Nancy Sheed
Owner, Sheed Communications

About Lisa Corrado

Lisa helps business owners implement new strategies, systems and mindsets so that they achieve their bigger vision. Her super powers include seeing all the possibilities others might not see for themselves yet, and diving into the details to make it all happen easily. 

Lisa is a coach and champion for entrepreneurs. Having escaped corporate almost 20 years ago, she knows just how much courage it takes to show up in the world as a business owner.

Her favorite strategy lessons come from surviving cancer, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro and leaving a lucrative but soul-crushing job in order to be happy.