Your Influence List

Nov 04, 2022

A few weeks ago, I walked a client through a really neat exercise of thinking of all the people she admires and is positively influenced by. We did it together actually, and I realized just how much I love it because it shows deep wells of inspiration we can tap into.

You can do it too, right now if you like. 

Take a few sheets of paper and your favorite pen. Write the names of everyone you admire. These can be anyone: family, friends, colleagues, public figures and so on. The only criteria is that each person inspires you in some way. 

Next to each name, write the quality you admire in them. For example, on my list is Dave Grohl, because I admire how committed he is to learning. There’s also an interior designer whose total lack of ego still inspires me, decades after I met him. 

Now you have a list that reminds you of qualities and values that are important to you, that you want more of in your life. 

The next step is really fun. Go back through your list and highlight the people you can spend more time with. Maybe it’s a colleague you can have regular coffee dates with. Maybe it’s a friend you can call. Or a public figure you can message / read their latest book / watch their latest video. 

Whatever - just see how you can soak up more of these amazing people. It’s a nice way to uplevel yourself. Believe it or not, you’ll also bring something inspiring to them. 

Who’s on your list? I’d love to hear about - hit Reply and let me know.


p.s. David Bowie is also on my list for his pure creativity. 👩🏻‍🎤

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