Why Things Don't Get Better

Dec 30, 2021

How often do we hear Things will get better? Plenty, right? 

I think it's a different perspective, actually. When things get better, it's not always because they changed. It's because you were better. 

Simple example: this morning I knocked down the magnifying mirror I have in my bathroom. I've done this before, countless times. Sometimes I just pick it up and reinstall it. Sometimes, like this morning, I absolutely lose my cool and give that stupid mirror a piece of my mind. All of my favorite swear words came out to play today! 

The mirror falling is the same event - my reaction to it varies. Sometimes I'm better at handling stressors than other times. This morning I had a toddler's coping skills. Tomorrow I'll have a grown-up's (hopefully!) 

What's your equivalent of yelling at the mirror?

Are you focusing on what's going wrong or are you able to use your energy to have a better response to it? That second part - that's where the amazing change happens that will make you (and everything else) better than ever

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