Why rituals rock (and my new favorite one)

Sep 22, 2022


I'll be honest: when I hear this word, my mind tends to leap to mysterious cloaked figures and mystical moonlit ceremonies. 

But rituals are far more pedestrian than that. And you already perform them daily.

How do I know? Because another word for 'rituals' is 'habits'. And we've all got those. 

Rituals give you the structure and support to feel like you can do what you need to in order to thrive. When the world is in an uproar and it feels like the Apocalypse instead of just a Tuesday, rituals can help you feel safe and calm so you can carry on. 

Now is a very good time to strengthen your personal rituals and create any new ones you like.

Think about what you do daily that gives you support. Maybe it's meditating, exercising, playing with your dog or keeping a journal. My morning ritual varies a little by day (Monday is stretching & gratitude meditation, Tuesday is hiking, and so on) but it always includes making a big pot of coffee, reading the comics and doing an Octordle puzzle (or two). This gives me a calm jumping-off point for the rest of my day.

Do you need a new ritual? What are you craving? What will make you feel centered and supported so you can show up in the world feeling awesome? 

If you’re looking for ideas, I highly recommend Octordle - just like Wordle except you’re solving for eight words. It feels like I’m sharpening my mind every time I do it. A client turned me onto it and there’s no going back!

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