This is what success looks like now

Sep 24, 2021

We’re led to believe that success looks like crossing the finish line, raising the trophy overhead, signing a new client or seeing that number on the scale. That’s not the whole picture, though.

Success looks like all of the steps that lead up to your winning end result. All the tasks, all the phone calls, the emails. All the work you do to make that final win happen. That’s what success looks like.

Here’s what it looks like for me right now: 

  • doing the hard work of choosing only a handful of key priorities to work on this month (even though I want to do ALL THE THINGS)
  • sitting at my desk and doing the tasks that support these priorities instead of all of the other bright & shiny opportunities that flow in 
  • making sure I have strong structure in place to keep myself on-track so I don’t go scampering off with the very tempting bright & shinies 

All of these steps are EXACTLY what success looks like, because they lead to the end result I want. 

You can remind yourself of this when you’re doing the hard work, the tedious or challenging tasks that want to happen. Each one of these is a rung on the ladder you’re climbing up up up to your big win.

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