đŸ“£Shouting from the rooftops! đŸ“£

Oct 21, 2022

You ever get so excited about something you want to shout it from the rooftops? Me too! 

I just had the most amazing 3 days with an inspiring group of business owners as we came together for my Breakthrough Retreat. It led to some spectacular results! 

Here's what the participants said:

  • I’ve now made two major, life-changing decisions at these retreats while in the presence of the most supportive group and coach on the planet.
  • I loved the visualization exercises that helped us see the outcome first. That made it easier to back into the details.
  • The planning & strategizing that happens at the retreat is invaluable, as is the support & encouragement of Lisa and the other participants.
  • I am blessed to be in the company of gifted and talented entrepreneurs who are willing to share their stories, wisdom and guidance. Thank you for bringing us together and guiding us to continued success.
  • You make me a better business owner and a better person.  


It was 3 magical days of being together, diving deep, connecting with what's important and using that to craft gorgeous visions for the future, complete with detailed action plans. What we created together makes each person's life and business more joyful, fulfilling, impactful and lucrative. 

My next Breakthrough Retreat is in January. If you're curious about how this will help make you a happier and more fulfilled business owner, click here to book a call.

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