Keep moving

Apr 09, 2018

You know that feeling when you fall out of a routine and you just can’t get back into it? You may tell yourself – Tomorrow. I’ll definitely do it tomorrow.

Then tomorrow becomes next week.

Next week becomes two months later.

The struggle is real. Recently, I didn’t publish my newsletter for two months. Once I got out of the groove, it got harder and harder to get back into it. Each week I thought “Okay, this is the week!” But it wasn’t.

When I finally sat down to actually do it, I couldn’t even think of anything interesting to say. Then I thought of a storytelling workshop I took last year. I was standing in front of the group, off to a great start with my story when suddenly my mind went blank. As I stood there, desperately seeking my next sentence, our instructor said “Just keep talking. Say anything. The movement will help you get back on track.”

The movement will help you get back on track. Boom.

It’s true. So in my newsletter I wrote about being stuck and the words just came. Try it the next time you’re stalled (or stopped). The movement will help you get back on track.

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