Finding your third space

Sep 30, 2022

I don’t know what I googled recently, but I’m practically bombarded with articles about working in a “third space”. What’s a third space, you ask? Great question.

Let’s start with the first space. This is the office, where many people go to work every day. Thanks to the pandemic, many of us worked in a second space - our homes. Now we’re rolling into the idea of a third space: one which is neither home nor office.

Starbucks is a perfect example - each one is like a miniature, caffeinated co-working space. Co-working spaces themselves are third spaces (I especially love HAYVN ).

But maybe my favorite third space is one that’s pretty exclusive - you’ve probably never been there. It’s close by, never crowded and it has plenty of room to spread out and work. And I absolutely love the wallpaper. Did I mention this space is my dining room?  

It’s the perfect third space because it has none of the distractions of the stuff on my desk or the things I “have to” do. I can be really creative and have fun. 

Actually, I have multiple third spaces. This weekend I’m staying at a friend’s house and will be alone during the day. I am so EXCITED to spread out in that dining room to plan for Q3 and 2023. It’s going to be fun and magical. 

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