Find your template

Apr 13, 2018

Want to do something new, but not sure how? There’s a template for that.

Sometimes the simplest information sounds so genius. While listening to one of my favorite podcasts (The Good Life Project) I heard one of the guests say something so startlingly simple that I thought: YES!!

Near the end of the podcast, the discussion turned to debt: is it okay to go into debt for something that will radically change your life, like going back to school? Most of us would say yes; I know I would (and have). But one of the guests asserts that anyone can find a way to get a higher-level education without going into debt. He said that for anything you want to do, even it seems really unlikely (like getting a degree without being buried under student loans), there’s someone out there who’s done it. That person is your template, and you just have to find her.

I love taking this idea and applying it to any situation. Want to quit your job and get paid to travel the world? Want to ditch 90% of your stuff and live in a tiny house? Want to translate your love of animals into running your own animal sanctuary? There are people out there already doing it. You just have to find them.

Thank goodness for the interwebs, right?

What’s your dream? Does it seem impossible? Open up a new browser window and start searching for inspiration and your template right now.

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