Are you waiting for ideal?

Apr 09, 2018

Ever find yourself putting something off until you have more time/the planets align/you’re better rested/etc? Yep, me too.

Here’s what I remind myself when I start to settle into this trap: there’s ideal and there’s what I’m able to do at this time.

I learned this gem in grad school. One of my professors said that when we started working with our clients, we’d have a long list of behavior changes we’d encourage them to make. In reality, it’d be a much shorter list of what they were willing and able to do at that particular time. So we’d have to meet our clients where they are rather than encouraging change that just wouldn’t happen at that time.

It was this reminder that got me on the treadmill for twenty minutes, rather than waiting until I had more time. Some is better than none, and every little bit counts!

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