Are you having fun?

Sep 15, 2022

This past weekend we caught up with family and had everyone over to our house. We missed a bunch of birthdays while we were away, so it was one big celebration. 

One of my godsons just turned 10 and is currently obsessed with cube puzzles. Think: Rubik’s Cube and all of the iterations available now. He is a WIZARD at completing them. We timed him solving one and he clocked in at 30 seconds. Which he said was super-slow for him. 😳

It was amazing to watch his fingers move almost faster than I could follow, turning the sections this way and that. Made me realize his brain was working even faster than that, and I was so impressed. 

When I asked him how he was able to complete them so quickly, he looked at me and with no hesitation said: Fun

I’m sorry, what? Did you say fun?

Yes. Fun. 

This may not seem like much to you, but it’s the theme I’m personally working on. I just know in my gut that if I had more fun, life would be easier, my business would grow even more and I’d feel even more fulfilled than I do (what can I say - I’m greedy!). Of course, my godson doesn’t know this, which is why I was floored by his answer. 

Like some little wise man, he looked me straight in the eye and gave me the message I’m chasing. 

Fun came up again yesterday in a session with a client. We were talking through her ideal client profile and one of the traits she looks for is that they love to have fun while working on the business. Beautiful!

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