Hello Rockstar! I’m Lisa – a coach and champion for small business owners & entrepreneurs.

My own entrepreneurial journey started back in 2003 when I left my corporate job (in technical project management), went back to school and started my first business (as a personal chef & nutritionist). Thirteen years later, I made another big change, got trained as a coach and here we are.

I’m a grateful cancer survivor, wildly enthusiastic traveler, very lucky wife and committed coffee drinker. I also co-own The Entrepreneurial Women’s Club, a networking organization dedicated to supporting women business owners (guys: don’t worry – I coach men too!)

As a child, I never had a specific answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Instead I have vivid memories of meeting the owners of a B&B and seeing for the first time that it’s possible to create the job you want and really love what you do. That’s my driving focus.



I’ve taken different types of profiling tests and, boy, do they know my super powers!

I’m a Futurist – I can clearly see all the possibility that others don’t yet see for themselves. Heads-up: when we talk about goals, I’ll encourage you to dream even bigger.

I’m a Mechanic, which means I’m really good at systems & processes & the finer details. If you’re ready to shift & scale, plan on rolling up your sleeves because we’re getting to work.

I’m a Creator and can quickly drop into the flow of crafting new programs, offers and messaging. This comes in handy when it’s time for something new (and I rock at helping you implement what you create too).

I also score high in Individualization, Empathy, Relating and Positivity. This means I’ll meet you at the stage you’re at right now to give you the support that you need. I can reframe practically any negative situation to find the gifts within. I’m no Pollyanna, I just don’t think we should create suffering.

I’m a problem solver at heart and for years, that’s how I’ve helped my clients. It took a pandemic (and a whole lot of introspection) to make me see that my purpose now is to help elevate others so they show up bigger for themselves and their businesses. Get that right and we all have a bigger impact in the world.